Parents please familiarize yourselves with this before the ponies arrive. 

 Do not go behind the pony/horses. (Gentle as kittens, but they're ponies.)
2. No yelling, screaming, or horseplay around the ponies/horses. 
3. No noise makers (balloons, poppers, fireworks, etc...) around the pony/horses. 
4. Do not approach/ride the pony/horses unless accompanied by an Arch Acres Misfit Farm Representative. 
5. Think safety at all times. 
6. Not responsible for accidents/injury. 
7. Ensure children are attended at all times. 
8. No spooking the ponies/horses.  No hitting ponies with hats, ropes, balloons, etc...
9. Do not feed the ponies/horses unless accompanied by an Arch Acres Misfit Farm Representative.
10. All children should wash their hands after riding and after playing with the ponies. Do not eat or drink while petting or riding the ponies. 

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